Carolina Cooker Fryer (1 burner, 2 basket, w/ cover)

Enjoy outdoor cooking with this Carolina Cooker® deep fryer. This portable propane fryer will create delicious fried chicken, fish, and more. Two chrome plated baskets and one aluminum vat are included.
Whether you are tailgating or hosting a backyard event, this Carolina Cooker® propane fryer will help you feed the crowd. Use this deep fryer cooker to fry, steam, or boil foods. This single burner propane cooker measures 31 in. high and 14-1/4 in. wide. The legs are removable and the high pressure burner is constructed of cast iron.

Connect this deep fryer cooker to your tank with the UL listed hose and regulator. The cast iron high pressure burner produces 60,000 BTUs and the aluminum vat measures 30-1/2 in. tall x 12.5 in. wide x 14.1/4 in. deep.

Carolina Cooker® Deep Fryer Cooker
2 chrome plated baskets
1 Aluminum vat, holds 14 quarts
Height: 30-1/2 in.
Width: 14-1/4 in.
Single burner
Cast iron burner
60,000 BTUs, per vendor with a 10 PSI regulator & hose
The measurements of the vat:
Height: 7-1/8″
Depth: 6-3/4″
Width across the top: 11-1/8″
Length across the top: 13-1/8″
UL listed hose and regulator included
Contains: (1) thermometer and (1 set) of fryer cotton mittens (Color and style may vary)
Cover included , if you need a replacement use ASC # 106500
Use ASC # 64004 small aluminum vat
Use ASC # 57051 small fryer basket
Use ASC # 75542 side shelves
Use ASC # 30295 cast iron burner
Use ASC # 78188 for replacement regulator & hose
Use ASC # 109092 for replacement black leg
Use ASC # 109094 for replacement black screw knob
Use ASC # 54837 for replacement brass fitting, spring & shutter