Carolina Cooker Cast Iron Double Burner

This double burner cast iron stove is ideal for camping, hunting, or anytime you need to cook outside. Constructed with a cast iron frame, the stove has 4 in. legs and is 20 in. by 11 in. in size. The propane camping stove is equipped with two 4-1/2 in. low pressure burners. This product is for outdoor use only.
The Carolina Cooker® double burner cast iron stove makes outdoor cooking simple. Because of its compactness, it stores easily and is convenient to carry with you. The cast iron frame is 20 inches long by 11 inches wide with 4 inch legs. Each low pressure propane burner is 4-1/2 inches in diameter and can produce up to 15,600 BTUs per vendor.

Made for outdoor use only, each burner comes with an air adjuster bolt and spring. Also, the two burners come with brass on and off controllers. This propane cooking stove is for outdoor use with 20 / 30 / 40 lb. tanks of LP gas only. The burner orifice is too small to use with natural gas.

Carolina Cooker®
Propane 2 Burner
Cast iron construction
Two 4-1/2 inch low pressure burners, 15,600 BTUs each per vendor
Total BTU’s: 31,200
Brass on and off valves
Leg height: 4 inches
Dimensions: 20 inches L x 11 inches W
For use with 20 / 30 / 40 lb. tanks of LP gas only
For outdoor use only
Ideal for picnics, family get together, canning or camping
Use ASC # 108869 for replacement leg
For low-pressure regulator and hose assembly use, ASC#91051, sold separately
Use Only on Noncombustible Surfaces. Always place the appliance on a level, stable, non-combustible surface such as brick, concrete, or dirt. Do not use on surfaces made of wood (such as a deck or table), asphalt (such as a driveway), plastic, or painted metal that may burn, blister, or melt.